As September sees the return to school, dance classes for children, amongst other gatherings and activities starting again (in moderation of course) – at Helen’s Angels we have made the decision to stay online for a little while longer.


To put it simply, we are having a blast!

If anything, we have made the classes much more fun, engaging, and interactive. The children are still getting to participate in lessons, learning new skills and dance moves whilst enjoying every minute of their lesson, and all in the comfort of their home environment.

Staying online means we can also accommodate having additional students attend from other areas across the country. A great way to meet like-minded people, share ideas and best practices and continue to enjoy lessons.

In addition to the above, the extra measures and Government Guidelines that we would need to put in to place are far too challenging and complex at this time. Your (and your children’s) safety and well-being is our priority – so we wanted to ensure everyone would still feel content in attending classes.

At this stage we do not know what impact the new school year or class bubbles will have, and with new rules, regulations, and potential local lock-downs looming, remaining online just makes life a little easier. It also gives our students some consistency during this challenging time; which may be far from over.

The last six months has been phenomenal for the Helen’s Angels Academy, therefore, the decision to continue lessons online is the practical option.

Plus… we are having far too much fun; so why change that?

When we decide to move back to face to face lessons, our students and their carers will of course be the first to know. But for now, it is business (dancing and performing classes ) as usual – online!

Stay safe, all.

H x

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