Wednesday’s between 4:30 – 6pm for Cherubs and Angels (age 7+)


99 The Rock, Bury, BL9 0NB


In these classes our children learn the basics of singing, acting and dancing in a fun environment. We work on improving self-confidence, vocal projection and working as part of a team; all imperative skills needed, not just to get by, but to excel in school and social activities.

As well as the performance aspects of being on stage the children will have the opportunity to experience other creative elements of theatre such as costume, make-up and props workshops. These themed sessions encourage children to expand their own thoughts and creativity when it comes to performing a show.

As a group we are often asked to perform at various events within the community which provide fantastic opportunities for the children to showcase their skills and talents in a wide variety of settings, and to new audiences. This is a great way to enhance skills for a future in acting work, or simply to have a lot of fun with like-minded peers.

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£39per month
  • Additional Sibling £29


£128per term
  • Additional Sibling £88